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Our Services

We Offer a Range of Services to Meet Your Needs

We offer the following range of services;

Commercial Construction

The demand for flexible and smart delivery programs is being bolstered by a mix of increased confidence in the commercial office market and the requirement for efficient construction, renovation, and fit out. Denikom's diverse commercial experience helps us to build effective connections with our customers. We understand the importance of adding value by maximising gross lettable area and developing specifications in a cost-effective manner without compromising overall lifetime expenses.


Residential Construction

Denikom has extensive experience in the high-end residential sector in Ghana, with projects ranging from private residences to multi-story new-build city apartments and luxury developments. We produce the finest quality services because of the group's competence. With innovative internal and external architecture, high-quality interior design, opulent furniture, and high-tech lighting and audio visual equipment, we are able to maximize value from the initial design concept to final completion.


Our collaborative team leverages technology solutions, high-level communication skills and innovative ideas to partner with you during the design phase of your construction project. The Pre-Construction phase offers a wide-range of services directed at thoroughly evaluating the needs of our customers and their projects before breaking ground. Incorporated in our pre-construction phase is an integrated suite of services including but not limited to; Design, Cost estimating, Procurement, Scheduling, Logistics planning, Value engineering construction and management, Site safety planning.


Infrastructure Construction

We provide the information and expertise to generate successful building and infrastructure development projects. Contributing to the feasibility, design, engineering, construction, maintenance and decommissioning stages, we help strengthen, improve and validate decision-making, delivering long-term assurance.

Civil Engineering

​Denikom's civil engineering staff is focused on providing the full spectrum of civil site design and permitting for all of our private, commercial, federal, institutional, and municipal clients.
We are committed to providing high quality services within project budget and schedule constraints.
We provide functional and constructible designs that meet our clients’ unique and diverse needs while maximising sustainability and minimising environmental impacts.



Construction projects come with their own set of issues and coordinating many projects at the same time can be overwhelming. It's vital to choose a seasoned construction consultant who can give detailed upfront assessments, consistent monitoring, and accurate, actionable knowledge. Denikom's construction professionals recognise that each client and project is unique, and that both need solutions tailored to their specific needs.

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